Lrisy 16 Colors Holographic Glitter Holo Shards (Flakes) Set/Kits

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Weight: Bag-16*10g / 5.64oz
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Product: Holographic Glitter Flakes Set (thickness: 50um)

10g x 16 Bags of Glitter Total 160g / 5.64oz
55g x 16 Jars of Glitter Total 880g / 31.04oz
85g x 16 Jars of Glitter Total 1360g / 47.97oz
140g x 16 Jars of Glitter Total 2240g / 79.01oz

Size: 2x2 (16 Kinds Of Color)

  1. Holographic Silver LB0100
  2. Holographic Black LB01000
  3. Holographic Light Purple LB0802
  4. Holographic Red LB0300
  5. Holographic Hazy Pink LB0911
  6. Holographic Rose Red LB0912
  7. Holographic Teal Green LB0702
  8. Holographic Pink LB0901
  9. Holographic Green LB0600
  10. Holographic Sea Blue LB0709
  11. Holographic Copper LB0401
  12. Holographic Deep Blue LB0705
  13. Holographic Purple LB0800
  14. Holographic Grass Green LB0601
  15. Holographic Gold LB0210
  16. Holographic Lake Blue LB0701

Material: Eco-Friendly, PET, Heat-resistance

Description: These Iridescent glitter flakes opal cellophane Shards are "Minimum Cut" and come in assorted sizes. Apply to resin, paint, slime, nails, body makeup.

Application: Suitable for nail arts, body makeup, hair decoration, glitter slimes, resin art and craft, etc.