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Pack of 10 Silver Geometric Metal Frame, Hollow Bottom Support Pendant Frame


Quick Details

Product: Silver Geometric Metal Frame

Mold Size: (Pack of 10) 

  1. Rectangular: 49x20mm (1.92in x 0.79in)
  2. Oval: 39x24mm (1.53 in x 0.94in)
  3. Square: 33.5x21mm (1.32  in x 0.83in)
  4.  Triangle: 39x24.5mm (1.54 in x 0.96in)
  5.  Rhombus Big : 48x43.5mm (1.89 inx 1.71in)
  6.  Rectangular rhombus: 45x22mm (1.77 in x 0.87in)
  7.  Drop shape: 34x20.5mm (1.34 in x 0.81in)
  8.  Rhombus small: 40x25mm (1.57 in x 0.98in)
  9.  Moon: 38x25mm (1.50 in x 0.98in)
  10.  Heart shape: 30x34mm (1.18 in x 1.34in)

Material: Metal (Total weight: 30.7g)

Description: Our metal frame is made of metal electroplating, the surface is smooth as a whole, and the color retention time is long.

Important: Don't use torch and heat gun to pop bubbles while metal frame in the molds, it will make it fade.