Chunky Glitter Bulk Wholesale 0.040in (1mm) ~ 0.472in (12mm)


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Pastel Holographic White Glitter HLD10 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Pastel Holographic Peach Glitter HLD09 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Pastel Holographic Orange Glitter HLD07 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Pastel Holographic Azure Glitter HLD06 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Pastel Holographic Pink Glitter HLD03 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Pastel Holographic Green Glitter HLD01 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Cat Eye Silver Chunky Glitter HX4301 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Holographic Pink Chunky Glitter DY4205 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Holographic Grey Chunky Glitter DY4203 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Holographic Green Chunky Glitter DY4210 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Holographic Blue Chunky Glitter DY4208 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Cat Eye Blue Chunky Glitter HX4307 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Cat Eye Green Chunky Glitter HX4310 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Cat Eye Pink Chunky Glitter HX4304 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD

You can skip shapes, fine glitters and even shards or flakes, but Chunky Glitter is always a must when it comes to making crafts, made from high brightness quality materials, our exquisite and inexpensive different sizes mixed of bulk cheap chunky glitter wholesale will effectively adsorb on a variety of surfaces, thereby increasing the reflectivity of your created pieces.

Whether you are looking for macaron lavendar purple glitter or high brightness fairy light glitter, once you find the color you want here, you'll never leave Lrisy online store, we have any color glitters you're looking for - over 1,000 colors, our company manufacture polyester pet holographic chunky glitter can become an important part for any resin crafts & tumblers, it's well worth a try.

For example, you can try mixing and matching our holographic black with a holographic red chunky four-pointed star glitter for your night Elf themed craft. Similarly, our translucent white Chunky Glitter has the property of being able to blend easily with any theme hue or palette.

We list more than 50 glitters in different shapes and sizes from 0.120in (3mm) to 0.472in (12mm), all shapes can be produced in a variety of colors, if you need more colors, check out our category list, which contains 30 different color series.