Iridescent and Holographic Cellophane Glitter Shards(Flakes)


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These iridescent and holographic cellophane glitter shards(flakes) are "2x2, 4x4" sizes.

2X2 size looks like glass crushed stone and is suitable for creating small crafts or nail art. If you are a crafts creator, this size is perfect.

4x4 size like split glass, which is great for small to medium projects, but also for nail. If you work in the nail salon, these glitter flakes for nail art are a great way to show your design inspiration.

If you find it too difficult to choose colors, we offer 3 sets total of 56 colors: 16 Colors Holographic Glitter Shards Set suitable for small decoration and surface decoration, 12 Colors Color Shift Glitter Shards (Flakes) Set, The best-selling color of 2021, which can display different colors on curved surfaces, is suitable for cups or tumblers, 28 Colors Iridescent Glitter Shards (Flakes) Set, Rainbow color, warm gradient light color, suitable for making crafts and nails.