This section of the site is set up for people who are not sure what type of glitter they need for their particular project. Each section below will give you information about the glitter type you might want to use as well as links to where to buy it on the site. If what you are doing is not covered here, please feel free to contact us by


Glitter For Floors Fishing Lure Cars & Boat Blacklight Effects
Carnival Rides Glitter For Flowers Glitter For Glassware HVLP Spraying
Glitter For Painting Resin Epoxy Filling Large Objects Kids Crafts
Glitter For Shoes Glitter For Tumblers Glitter For Walls Screen Printing Glitter
Theatrical Set Glitter Visual Glitter Effects Glitter For Schools Glitter For Soaps
Glitter For Naiis Glitter For Balloons Glitter For Crafts