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Let us add some of our dazzling flat back rhinestones to your beautiful clothes and make you shine at parties and on stage. Our bulk rhinestone are made with high clarity and a smooth touch, they are cut with precision so that the sparkle with perfect mirror reflection.

You may be wondering what the best rhinestones are? Simply left in the sun, our cheap bulk rhinestones will give you all the right answers at the perfect Angle. From clothing and jewelry, leather and shoes, necklaces to nail gems in various shapes, all your questions will be answered.

In terms of applications, flat back rhinestones are widely used in the fashion and costume design industries. They are often used to add sparkle and glamour to dress, heels, and accessories, as well as to create unique and eye-catching stage costumes for dancers, performers, and other entertainers.

We recommended that you try decorating your accessories with our flat back rhinestones and holographic glitters. For example, using our silicone molds and shaped glitters, adding glittery high brightness glitters will add unparalleled charm to your crafts or accessories.

Lrisy offer discounted wholesale rhinestones in bulk at very reasonable prices, whether you are custom designing to sell a dress, a glass, stage costume or to add sparkle and charm to a variety of products, please don't hesitate to check out our variety of shapes with different sizes on Lrisy.com.