Iridescent Glitter Will Glow Like Rainbows For Nails, Dress


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Lrisy Enchanting Gem Glitter Set
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Use Lrisy's Iridescent Glitters to transform plain surfaces into colorful works of art, by add them to your craft artwork, the color like rainbow can glow with the visual Angle, but also you can get more fun and inspiration from the creative work. Our inexpensive white iridescent glitters are also ideal for use as filler tones for manicures, crafts, walls, tables and many other projects.

Our blue iridescent glitter are similar to ice white, with chunky iridescent glitter, flakes, fine glitter (dust), universal mix of different sizes, stars, butterflies and 40+ other shapes. If you enjoy creating or selling personal crafts, please check out our 8 kinds of packaging specification service, let you and customers can enjoy the surprise and happiness brought by color collocation. We have 80+ iridescent glitter flakes in white, gold, silver, pink, black and many other colors. Using the latest shard cutting technology, it is clean and free of impurities and easy to apply even on hands. is there for you, whether it's assembly or custom mixing. With our various iridescent glitter wholesale and color shift glitter wholesale, your bulk glitter purchase needs have been met. Also provides fast shipping air, you can operate with minimal warehousing costs.