Theatrical Set Glitter

Pick the Correct Glitter For The Job

There are so many different types of glitter and each one has a unique set of properties. Get the wrong kind and you have a mess on your hands and money wasted. Get the correct one, and your project will be amazing! Please take a look at the information provided below and if you have any questions, please let us know.

 “Larger the Chunks, larger the shimmer” is the rule, in the World of Glitters.

So, firstly you have to decide where the glitter is going to be used. If the glitters are going to be used in backyard or any part of house which is away from front then you can go bigger flakes glitter. For that purpose, Craft Glitter is perfect choice as these are super reasonable. But if the Glitters are going to be used on the façade of the house or on the peripheries where the sunlight is going to directly hit them, then you have to amend you choice a little bit and for this purpose, opt the Polyester glitter. Polyester glitter are the cream of the glitters with amazing attributes. One of the characteristic feature of Polyester glitter is that, it doesn’t get fade in the sunlight.

Introducing a new type which is rocking the market these days and easily available on our website is, Hybrid Glitter. It shines like crazy and is a treat for eyes.