Extra Fine And Ultra Fine Glitter Bulk For Sale


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Have some shaped, mixed or glitter shards(flakes)? You can continue your creations and embellish your creations with our extra fine or ultra fine glitters.

For a classic work, we recommend you to choose our holographic pigment glitter (available in 15 colors), these extra fine holo glitter won't leave the crafts looking plain, whether you need a black or wholesale bulk glitter for tumblers. Depending upon what result you're wanting to achieve, you can either use them as they are or complement them with our white iridescent glitter. In diy crafts case you want to add rainbow into your resin, we can help you with our translucent holographic white glitter – these surprisingly inexpensive fine glitters for sale look especially charming in conjunction with our solid color extra fine glitters (available in 50+ colors).

The extra fine glitters size are 0.008in/0.2mm, 0.012in/0.3mm, 0.016in/0.4mm, these are the best size glitter for tumblers and most commonly used fine glitters, which are mainly used for surface decoration, they can also be used in slime to add holographic or iridescent effects.