Lrisy Exclusively 28 Colors Iridescent Cellophane Glitter Shards (Flakes) Set/Kits (Total 280g)

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Weight: 28*10g / 9.87oz
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Product: Iridescent Cellophane Glitter Flakes Set

10g x 28 Bags of Glitter Flakes Total 280g (thickness: 50um)
Size: 2x2 (28 Kinds Of Color)

  1. Translucent Pink C003
  2. Translucent Blue C004
  3. Translucent Purple C006
  4. Translucent Blue C007
  5. Translucent Red C008
  6. Translucent Rose Red C009
  7. Translucent Green C010
  8. Translucent Blue C011
  9. Translucent Lemon Yellow C012
  10. Translucent Light Green C013
  11. Translucent White and Yellow C014
  12. Translucent Forest Green C016
  13. Translucent Pink C018
  14. Translucent Orange C019
  15. Translucent Green C020
  16. Translucent Blue C021
  17. Translucent Rainbow C022
  18. Translucent Grass Green C033
  19. Translucent Sky Blue C037
  20. Translucent Rose Red C039
  21. Translucent Purple C046
  22. Translucent Light Blue C047
  23. Translucent Light Purple C049
  24. Translucent Lemon Yellow C050
  25. Translucent Green C051
  26. Translucent Red C052
  27. Translucent Rose Red C053
  28. Translucent Orange C054

    Material: Eco-Friendly, PET, Heat-resistance

    Description: These Iridescent glitter flakes opal cellophane Shards are "Minimum Cut" and come in assorted sizes. Flakes are translucent and have a chameleon like effect in that their colors seem to change as you look at them from at different angles and in background color.

    Application: Suitable for nail arts, body makeup, hair decoration, glitter slimes, resin art and craft, etc.