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Matte Macaron Ice Blue Glitter 6504 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
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Matte Macaron Blue Glitter 3405 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Matte Macaron Warm Pink Glitter 3408 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Matte Macaron Purple Glitter 3415 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Matte Macaron Light Pink Glitter 6602 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Matte Macaron Blue Glitter 6606 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD
Matte Macaron Light Green Glitter 6607 Sale priceFrom $1.99 USD

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Step into a world filled with whimsy and sparkle with our enchanting collection of glitters. Whether you're bringing to life a springtime fantasy, adding sugary sweet flair to your projects, or infusing your creations with the playful essence of rabbits, our Pastel, Candy, and Rabbit Glitters are your gateway to a world of dazzling possibilities.

  • Pastel Glitters: Embrace the soft elegance of dreamy shades that add a subtle yet captivating shimmer to any craft. Perfect for those who appreciate the understated beauty of gentle color washes and light-reflecting sparkle.
  • Candy Glitters: Ignite your projects with the exuberant colors of joy reminiscent of your favorite candies. These vibrant glitters are ideal for making a bold statement and adding a dynamic splash of color that truly stands out.
  • Rabbit Glitters: Capture the delightful charm of rabbits with glitters that embody their playful and spirited nature. Add a fun, whimsical touch to your work, making each piece uniquely lively and engaging.

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