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We’ve already established that you can put glitter on anything and it will make it look a thousand times better, so here are a few pointers or glitter projects that you can do to make add that extra flair of flamboyance to your life and surroundings.

  • Pillows and tote bags, or any fabric really. You wanna start by drawing a template of the object you want, say a heart or a flower, it can be anything really. Draw the outline on a piece of paper then cut out your template.Lay your fabric and make sure it’s nice and flat then envision where you want your design to be. Add a piece of cardboard to the inside of your bag or pillowcase to make sure nothing bleeds through the fabric so you get that flawless finish. Trace the shape of your design on the fabric, you will be going over it with glitter so don’t worry about the outline showing. Go over your outline with some mod podge using a paintbrush or a sponge brush, spread it out evenly and sprinkle some craft glitter. Get a paper plate and lay all the excess glitter onto the surface, then see if you missed any spots that you need to go over again with some mod podge and MORE glitter. You can also press the surface with the same paper plate to make sure all the glitter sticks into the fabric. To finish off, go over your design with some mod podge or hair spray to ensure that the glitter stays in place and there you go! This technique can also be used to customize holiday/celebration cards and give them some pizzazz. Show your friends and loved ones just how much they mean to you by creating personalized glittery cards that will take their breath away.


  • High heels, flats or any type of shoe. For this one, you will need some mod podge, a paintbrush, a soft brush and some bulk or craft glitter, depending on the look you’re going for. Start by applying a coat of mod podge, it’s easier to work in part instead of going over your shoe all at once and having to work fast before the glue dries. Pick a spot, apply mod podge, sprinkle with glitter and repeat until you’re fully done. It’s best to work over a large paper sheet or newspaper so you don’t get glitter over everything and remember to reuse that excess glitter you shook off so you don’t end up wasting it. You will need 2 coats in total but you might need to go over some spots to ensure everything is in place, for this, don’t swoop the brush but pat it on the area instead so you don’t take off any glitter or move it around. Seal everything with another coat of mod podge, it does go white but it dries clear so don’t worry about that. Now you’ve got yourself a sparkly pair of shoes to elevate any outfit you pair it with. You can also follow the same instructions to add some sparkle to your old purses, clutches, bobby pins and even clothing hangers.


  • Earrings, necklace, ring. For this one, if you want some glitter jewelry, get a ring, a pendant or a pair of earrings first. Mix resin according to the instructions, use the accurate mixing ratios to avoid getting any sticky spots, stir slowly for 2 minutes, then let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Sprinkle the frame of your earrings, ring or pendant with bulk or craft glitter and slowly fill the frame with resin. Allow it to sit undisturbed for 18 to 24 hours until the resin hardens and dries and there you go. You can do the same trick on your fridge magnets to transform them from boring and ordinary to glittery precious stones that will embellish your fridge.


  • Glitter jar. For this application, you only need glitter, clear glue, and hot water. Take your glass jar and fill it with hot water about a third of the way, then pour half a bottle of glue to give that snow globe effect to your jar. Mix well, you wanna keep stirring until the liquid turns clear. Pour as much glitter as you want into the mixture, you can combine craft glitter with bulk glitter for maximum effect. Now fill it to the rim by adding in more water and fasten the lid.


  • Turn your coffee and tea mugs into a stunning creation with a little bit of glitter. This application is so easy and it looks absolutely gorgeous and personable. All you need is some dishwasher safe mod podge, a paintbrush, some tape, gloss glaze, and glitter. Start by wiping the outside of your cup with some alcohol, then tape off the part where you don’t want the glitter to show. You can go for stripes or half-half or any design of your liking just try to get your lines as even as possible. Start by laying a thin coat of mod podge on your mug, then add your first layer of glitter. Let it dry for 2 hours, dust the excess glitter with a brush and if necessary, go over your mug with another layer of mod podge and glitter. After letting it dry for another 2 hours, take your sealant and apply a thin layer around your mug to secure the glitter, you can repeat this step a second time to make sure it’s completely sealed in. Now you’ve got yourself a lovely, personalized mug, enjoy your coffee (or tea).


These were a few pointers to help spark some inspiration in that brilliant brain of yours, you can go any other way, I mean there’s nothing such as too much glitter. Just have fun with it and don’t be afraid to unleash your creative side, even if you mess up, you will fall in love with the process!

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