Nail Glitter Applications

Nail art glitter can be so much fun and the possibilities are endless. The easiest way to add some sparkle into your nails is through implementing glitter. Start by painting your nails with a first coat of the color of your choice, then sprinkle some glitter in the shape and color that best match the aesthetic you’re going for and finish off with a clear coat to lock the glitter in. Maybe snowflake-shaped glitter with an icy blue base to represent winter or heart-shaped glitter on a red base to celebrate valentine’s day or even flower-shaped glitter on a baby pink surface to achieve that dainty babydoll aesthetic. This is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run free, so go for it.

You can also use thin tape to delimit the shape you want your craft glitter to stick to. Go for a geometric pattern or a color-blocking technique with glitter borders to show off your impeccable nail art. Craft glitter works amazingly well on top of a matte nail polish base, it looks absolutely gorgeous and the contrasting effect is very sophisticated.

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