Glitter jewelry is so extremely simple but they look they took hours to make

Glitter jewelry

Glitter jewelry is so extremely simple but they look they took hours to make. Without a doubt, glitter jewelries are some of the easiest handmade ornaments but there are a few different ways to make them. You can also go the extra step of adding vinyl to personalize the jewelry. 

I tried out two different ways to make glitter ornaments and today I’m going to share my findings with you. Which will produce  better jewelry? Polycrylic or floor polish? 

Glitter jewelry

Many people use a floor cleaner or wax, such as Mop & Glo, to make the glitter jewelry while others use polycrylic. 

I tried out both ways and here’s what I have decided:

Mop & Glo or floor polish:

  • Easiest way to make them. The liquid is thin and much easier to work with.
  • Quickest method. There’s no waiting time. 
  • Less Coverage. The entire surface of the ornament will be covered but you’re more likely to have thin areas of coverage.
  • Less Glitter. This method uses less glitter but it comes with less coverage. 
  • Less Shine. 


  • A little bit harder to get perfect but still easy.
  • Requires more time as the polycrylic takes more time to set up.
  • Permanent hold. 
  • Amazing coverage. You won’t see any light spots of glitter with this method.

Shinier with bolder colors, even when using the same color of glitter.

Glitter jewelry

To make this glitter jewelry using polycrylic you simply need a clear ornament, polycrylic and fine glitter.  

You can find polycrylic at any home improvement store for about $9 for a small can. I’ve made about 10 ornaments now with polycrylic and I haven’t even put a dent into the can. You can make a lot of jewelry with this one can or use it for other projects.

Glitter jewelry

Simply pour a small amount into the jewelry and swirl it around to coat all of the sides.

Here’s where the difference between using polycrylic and floor polish sets in when it comes to time. If you use floor polish the extra liquid easily pours out and you are ready to add the glitter immediately.

Polycrylic is thicker and takes a little more time to get all the sides well coated.  Then you have to let all of the extra drip out.

Glitter jewelry

Once you have all the visible excess out of the ornament, turn the glass ball upside down on paper or aluminum foil and leave it alone for a minute or so. You’ll be surprised how much more comes out. 

If you’re using floor polish than you can skip this step.

If you don’t get all of the excess out with the polycrylic than your glitter will drip down the inside of the ball with the wet polycrylic and you won’t have even coverage. 

Glitter jewelry

Once it’s evenly coated on the inside and there are no visible drips you can add your glitter.

Glitter jewelry

This is one of the best parts. There are so many colors of fine glitter than you can choose from now. You don’t have to worry about not finding the colors that you want for your Christmas tree anymore! 

Glitter jewelry

Pour some glitter inside your ornament and rotate it to cover all the sides. I lightly tap it against the palm of my hand to make sure that any loose glitter will find a spot to adhere. 

Keep turning and rotating it until you can’t see any spots without glitter. Add more glitter to the inside of the glass ball if you need to. 

Glitter jewelry

It’s so quick and so pretty when it’s finished.

Carefully add the top of the ornament and it’s ready to hang. Or if you want to make it really special you can add vinyl decorations to personalize the ornament such as this Harry Potter ornament that I made my husband for the geek Christmas tree in his man cave.  They HP ornaments go well with our cinnamon dough Star Wars ornaments.  

Glitter jewelry

The polycrylic to me just looks better but it is hard to see the difference in pictures. If you’re wanting to do this craft with a group of friends or at a Christmas party, I would use the floor polish for ease and timing. However, if you want an ornament that is going to be a family heirloom or that will stand out with its bold colors, I recommend using polycrylic.

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