Tutorial: How to diy glitter floor

Amp up the glam and endorse the look of your beautiful home with a pop of glitter. Glitters are never a bad idea when it comes to embellishments. Glittering the floors enhance the beauty and add tint of glam to your house. Here is a DIY to glitter your floor of your choice.


  • Garage floor coating kit
  • 2 paint rollers and 2 paint trays
  • 6 to 8 containers of glitter, depending on what color you want to use and the size of the room you are working in
  • 1 brush for the borders
  • Varnish for the floor

Step 1

  1. First, you have to make sure the floor is very clean. If you have a concrete floor, it's a good idea to clean any holes or cracks before you begin. Once the holes are cleaned, let it all dry well. 

diy glitter epoxy floor

Step 2

  1. Then the garage floor has to be primed. This is especially important if it has a very absorbent subsurface. The two-component primer has to be carefully mixed and applied - ideally with a paint roller. The individual rows of primer should not overlap and should be applied quickly. Details on how to do this can be found in the instructions for the primer. 

diy glitter epoxy floor

Step 3

  1. Next the garage floor has to be properly coated with paint. Here you also have to mix together 2-component paint before applying. It is wise to choose a paint that matches the color of the glitter. 

diy glitter epoxy floor

Step 4

  1. Now sprinkle some glitter on the paint. Here you should be generous so that the floor glitters nicely and evenly. Now you have to allow your project 24 hours to dry before the last step — sealing.

How to diy glitter floor

Step 5

  1. Here you can use either resin, floor varnish or another sealing product. Of course it has to be transparent so that you can still see the glitter on the floor. Once you have applied it, it has to solidify well and the space has to be well ventilated. And you're done!

diy glitter floor

Step 6

Now you have a fantastic-looking floor that doesn't get scratched so easily. You can use any kind of glitter to add your very own unique flair. This way you can transform a boring basement floor into a one-of-a-kind decorative statement.

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