How to fabrication of the glitter folding fan frame

Material: folding fan frame, red dyeing concentrates, UV adhesive, glitter, phone lanyard

Procedures: Glue the frame with UV adhesive without leaving any clearance, squeeze a little UV adhesive and red dyeing concentrates onto the silicon gel pad, mix with the butterfly, four pointed star and fairy light glitter.

Scrape the so mixed UV adhesive to one side of the fan frame, occupying half of the space in an oblique manner, and squeezing transparent UV adhesive into the vacant space on the other side;

Before sending the fan frame to UV radiation exposure, several pieces of glitter may or may not be added;

Stop the UV radiation after the frame is not sticky when felt with hand, and then squeeze out another layer of UV adhesive to make the fan look more aesthetic.

The buckle the lobster clasp of the phone lanyard into the hole on the metal frame. The job is done at this point.

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