How to make Exotic Charm Blue Glitter Key Chain

by CK

1. Squeeze three copies of uv glue.

2. Mix pink, blue and purple color concentrates evenly (you can add a little fine and blue glitter to make it shiny).

3. Divided the metal frame into three parts to create a sense of mystery. Blue and purple cover most of the area, and the two little hearts in the middle are painted with pink, which looks lovely.

4. Dry them with the manicure lamp.

5. Add the fairy light glitter, the goblin’s pupil, to another small uv glue. (I choose gold, because this color shows riches and honour. When talking about exotic charm, golden ornaments must be mentioned besides mysterious beauties. )

6. Divide the uv glue with glitter into two parts and smear both sides of the metal frame and dry them.

7. Squeeze the uv glue to the metal frame as the seal coat. Then, you can put the metal frame on the key chain, bag strap for self use or give it to your friends as a gift.

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