Tutorial: Cleaning box for makeup brush tape and sticker

by CK

1. Squeeze the uv glue on the lid of the makeup brush’s cleaning box, add a few drops of white pigment, mix well and wipe it evenly on the lid. Then, dry it with the UV lamp.

2. Take out the tape you like, cut the pattern and put it on the lid.

3. Squeeze another 4 small pieces of uv glue and make them into red, yellow, green and blue.

4. Use a brush to smear the uv glue on the lid and brush it in four colors to make it fantastic and then dry it.

5. After drying, put on some other small decorations, metal pieces or small stickers.

6. Squeeze a little uv glue directly on the lid, put four pointed star or butterfly glitter to rich the picture (I put on some fairy light glitter, a little is enough), and then dry it.

7. Squeeze a thick layer of uv glue and seal it to make it feel full.

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