Your Guide to Fun Festive Makeup This Season

Festivals are a great place to try out new and fun festival glitter looks that you don’t get to try on other occasions. You can surely wear the funkiest of outfits and paint your face with all the colors of delight to a festival and no one would stop you.
You will find everyone at the festival is already in a joyous and gleeful mood so wearing makeup with popping colors and festival face glitter will just add more up to it.

One of the many great things about festival glitter makeup is that there are no rules to it. You can add a small hint of glitter to your makeup or you can add on a full on dish of rainbow glitter bash on your face, it’s all going to be cool because you’re headed to a festival!

Every girl who attends a festival of any kind wants to look unique and fabulous in her outfit. And if you too are a girl, you must have already decided the outfit you want to wear and the perfect hairstyle to go with it weeks before the festival has actually begun. When it comes to festival glitter makeup that’s where it can get a little tricky because it all ends up on the head-turning of a makeup look you’re wearing for the day.

But don’t worry because that’s where we’ve got you covered. Bringing you a fun makeup guide for the coming up festivals and saving you the trouble of looking simple and boring this season.
So get out your notebooks and start taking notes because we’ll be talking a lot about glitter and that is something to be super concerned about. Let’s do this!

  • Glitter it Up
    One thing you need to remember when it comes to festival makeup is no makeup look is complete without the glitter. Festival glitter looks are not something to be taken lightly. The amount of glitter you put on your face will directly show your festive mood and how much you’re enjoying the time.
    Select a glitter color that goes best with your outfit and add it up to your eye makeup to give it the glittery finishing look. You can even take things to the next level and rock out glitter lips. Although, be careful when you’re eating, you don’t want that glitter in your mouth now do you.
  • Hair Glitter

Who said the only place you can wear glitter is your face? If you’re heading up to a festival, you can sprinkle some shiny hair glitter on to your luscious locks too! The fine glittery powder is going to make your hair glow from a far that even your friends won’t have trouble spotting you out in the crowd thanks to the magical hair glitter.

  • Glitter with Studs
    Another one of our best festival glitter ideas includes a little more than just glitter. Thinking outside the box, you can tick tiny diamond studs on the glitter to give it a more dramatic yet stunning effect.
    Whatever glitter makeup look you go for, just add a variety of small and shiny flakes or fun shaped studs to complete the look and you’re off to a blissful day filled with colors, glitter and happiness!

We hope you will try our festival glitter ideas for the next festival you’re headed to and remember you can get as creative with glitter as you like. Just make sure to have a good time in it. Good luck ladies!

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