Fun Glitter Applications that You Don’t Wanna Miss Out on

If you’re an arts and crafts enthusiast, chances are, you already know how fun and therapeutic playing with glitter can be. On the other hand, if you haven’t dabbled in glitter before, either you’re too afraid it’s gonna be stuck in your clothes and body for weeks, or you just don’t feel bold enough, or creative enough, to try your hand at it, or maybe you’re even concerned about how harmful plastic glitter can be to the environment, we’ve got news for you! Our glitter is not only completely eco-friendly and made from safe and recyclable material, but we’ve also got so many tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you get inspired and show you how to have fun with glitter without making a total mess.

We don’t really need to emphasize the fun side of glitter at this point. I mean, isn’t it magical when you put your glitter bottles side by side, your imagination is running through and you’re already thinking of all the enticing possibilities and vibrant ideas that you can bring to life out of these tiny containers!

It’s quite undeniable that glitter is the best way to instantly revamp practically any object and transform it from dull and ordinary to sparkly and magical. Better yet, our Lrisy glitter is not only for arts and crafts but also for nail art, hair, body, and face, so you can live your unicorn dreams and embody the fairy you always wanted to be.

First, let’s tackle the mess, then we can move on to the fun part. Start by finding someplace that’s not necessarily confined but that doesn’t get a lot of air or wind. Just make sure you close any windows or doors, the last thing you want is cleaning glitter that’s been scattered all over your clothes and your surroundings for the next couple of weeks. And when you’re pouring glitter over things, get a coffee filter or a sheet of paper underneath so you can scoop up the excess glitter and pour it back into the container. If you still manage to get it all over your clothes and body, don’t freak out, it’s still salvageable. Get some scotch tape or a lint roller and use it to remove the glitter. For your body, and face, get some baby oil or coconut oil, put some on a cotton pad and wipe your skin clean.

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