Glitter Faux Leather Sheets Wholesale

Do you DIY your bows, shoes or crafts with gorgeous Glitter Fabric Sheets, but do you feel they are missing something, such as brightness or reflectivity? Chances are you haven't used our Glitter Faux Leather to decorate your linen, booties, earrings or sneaker. Our Faux Leather Sheets is the perfect investment, made from ultra-thin material that shine every minute in the day light.

Looking for some of holographic silver or black colors to accentuate your glitter sneaker? We are at your service with our Fine Glitter Felt Backing Sheets. Your glitter theme is incomplete without gold faux leather sheets covered with glitter? Not a problem - our rose gold metallic chunky glitter faux leather sheets will be a nice addition in to your glittered headwear or handbags.

Dreaming of turning a boring party into an unforgettable one? See if there's anything more fitting than our faux leather sheets for bows. If you are interested in classic holiday party accessories or decorations, our Designer Inspired Glitter Faux Leather Sheets is your remedy.

Whether it's luxe gold glitters or Lrisy's classic Rose Gold Leather Faux Sheet, you can reuse it. With hundreds of colors and designs, these inexpensive Glitter Canvas Sheets will easily and quickly blend into any festive gathering.