Thick 0.65mm Solid Color Chunky Glitter Faux Fabric Leather For Handbag Shoes

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Length: 1 Yard 91*137cm
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Product Name: Chunky Glitter Faux Fabric Leather

This is a glitter leather compound manufacturer that has been using our LRISY glitters, their products are mainly customized colors, so this product is not available for retail at the moment, we are handling the packaging, if you are interested in this product, please contact us :) Email:

There are many customers who buy cups, bows, headdresses, high heels as one-of-a-kind gifts for their children or friends.

Feature: Abrasion-Resistant,Anti-Mildew,Waterproof

Color: Customer requirements and Customized Color

Thickness: 0.65mm

Material: Glitter, PU Leather

Glitter Size: 1mm

Width: 137cm

Application: Handbag, Belt, Decorative, Garment, Shoes, Wallpaper