0.4mm Magic Blue To Purple Brightness Iridescent Glitter RF07

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Product: Iridescent Glitter

Size: 0.4mm (thickness: 26um)

Material: Eco-Friendly, PET (Translucent), Heat-resistance

Solvent Resistance: No
Note: Do not soak into nail polish (it will fade after 30 minutes).
Only solvent-resistant glitters can soak in nail polish without fading.

DIY Epoxy Resin: YES (Tested)

Light resistance:5-7

PH value: 5.3-6.5

Melting point: 200°C

Heat resistance: 120-150°C

Density: 1.4g/cm³

Color: Magic Blue To Purple (Reflective gold)

Description: The thickness is reduced to 26um, reflecting much higher brightness than the normal Iridescent series. Due to their thin and translucent, they have excellent color absorption properties.

Application: Suitable for nail arts, body makeup, hair decoration, glitter slimes, resin art and craft, etc.