(2023) Lrisy Halloween Glitter Special Set/Kits Total 120g

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Weight: 12*10g / 4.23oz
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Product: Halloween Glitter Special Set

10g x 12 Bags of Glitter Total 120g: (thickness: 36-50um)

  • Halloween Pumpkin Ghost Skull Special Mixed Holographic Black Glitter LB01000
  • (By Valeivette) Baddy Bat Custom Mixed Glitter WAL351
  • 10mm Halloween Spider Holographic Purple Shaped Glitter LB0800
  • 10mm Halloween Pumpkin Holographic Brown Shaped Glitter LB0401
  • General Mixed Iridescent High Brightness Orange Glitter F334R
  • General Mixed High Brightness Iridescent Purple Glitter FC346
  • General Mixed Fluorescent Green High Brightness Glitter FC333A
  • Candy Glow Custom Mixed Glitter WAL920
  • General Mixed Holographic Red Glitter Hexagon Shaped LB0300
  • 0.2mm Deep Sea Blue Glitter Pure Color B0716
  • 0.4mm Translucent Holographic White Glitter LB01100
  • General Mixed Holographic Grey Glitter Hexagon Shaped HX6905

Material: Eco-Friendly, PET, Heat-resistance

Description: Perfect for sharing, festivals, crafts and lots of beauty experimentation!

Application: Suitable for nail arts, body makeup, hair decoration, glitter slimes, resin art and craft, etc.