2024 Lrisy Independence Day Glitter Special Set 9 Colors (Total 50g)

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Weight: 50g/ 1.76oz
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About this product

9 beautiful glitters in one glitter set: Includes Independence Day popular colors such as blue, red,sliver and gold. All of these are popular glitters in our stores🔥Perfect for Independence Day theme creation💕

Product Details

Weight: 6+4+4+4+7+7+7+8+3=50g (1.76oz)
Thickness: 50um
Material: Eco-Friendly, PET, Heat-resistance
Product packaging: 50 grams of glitter powder are placed separately pack in 9 small jars and place in gift boxes, to prevent them from falling out, to facilitate storage.(total weight:177g)

Glitter Set include:

  • 3mm Star Shapes Red Glitter B0306   ——6g
  • 3mm Star Shapes Sea Blue Glitter B0715  ——4g
  • 3mm Star Shapes Silver Glitter B0100  ——4g
  • 3mm Star Shapes Sand Gold Glitter B0213  ——4g
  • General Mixed Holographic Red Glitter Hexagon Shaped LB0300  ——7g
  • General Mixed Holographic Deep Blue Glitter Hexagon Shaped LB0705  ——7g
  • General Mixed Holographic Silver Glitter Hexagon Shaped LB0100  ——7g
  • 0.2mm Translucent Holographic White Glitter LB01100  ——8g
  • Custom Mixed Holographic Hollow Out Star Shaped Glitter K25  ——3g

Premium Quality: High safety and durability, easy to save, easy to clean, and can present different colors under different lights. durable enough for a long time use, would not break; Glitter are super creative for DIY lovers, safe to wear on the skin.

Meet your different needs: Perfect for resin art/ Slime making/ Epoxy tumblers/ Nail art/ Body make up or any other DIY projects. Also very suitable for nails to build exclusive DIY. They can add more fun to your personalized authoring projects. 

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