5 OZ Pack of 15 Pcs Square Glitter Shaker Jars 48 x 48 x 125mm

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Product: Square Glitter Shaker Jars (Pack of 15 Pcs)

Jar Size: 1.88 x 1.88 x 4.92in (48 x 48 x 125mm)

Material: PVC (Total weight: 62.5g / pcs)

Description: Jar is made of thick PVC material, and the top cover designed for glitters is a double flip cover with two openings (hole-like and wide-mouth), which is perfect for shake the glitter out.

Important: There is anti-leakage gasket in the lid. If the gasket is not added on the top, the glitters in the jar will leak from the gap of the top cover.