Custom Mixed Iridescent Glitter MIX086 (By KC)

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Weight: Bag-10g / 0.35oz
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Product: Iridescent Custom Mixed Glitter

Size: 0.4/1/2.5mm, 2x2 mixed  (thickness: 16-26um)

Material: Eco-Friendly, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), Heat-resistance

Solvent Resistance: NO

Light resistance: 3-5

PH value: 5.3-6.5

Melting point: 200℃

Heat resistance: 140-160

Density: 2.7g/cm³

Color: Custom Mixed

Application: Mainly used with glitter tumbler, wallpaper, leather, nail polish, Christmas tree decorations, and various DIY epoxy resin crafting.