General Mixed High Brightness Blue Glitter HX5505

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Weight: Bag-10g / 0.35oz
Best Quality

Quick Details

  • 🌟 Vivid Brilliance: Experience the captivating brightness of our high-quality glitter, adding a radiant sparkle to your creations.

  • 🎨 Versatile Mix: Get creative with the mix of 0.3mm, 1mm, and 2.5mm sizes, offering endless design possibilities.

  • πŸ”’ Solvent Resistance: This glitter is non-solvent resistant, ensuring its safety and suitability for various artistic projects. It is not suitable for soaking in nail polish.

  • πŸ’… Perfect for DIY Resin Projects: Tested and approved for DIY epoxy resin, ensuring stunning results in your art and craft projects.

  • ✨ Multi-Purpose Application: From nail arts to glitter slimes and resin masterpieces, let your imagination run wild with this iridescent beauty.