High Brightness Red and White Chunky Glitter 3702

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Weight: Bag-10g / 0.35oz
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Quick Details

  • Type: High Brightness Chunky Glitter
  • Color: Red and White
  • Radiant Red Sparkle: This mix of red, white, and clear glitter, varying in size, brings a dynamic energy to your projects. Its depth of color and rainbow shimmer ensures your work leaves a vibrant, lasting impression with every glint and twinkle.

  • Safe and Reliable: We prioritize safety. Our glitter is made from high-quality materials that are safe for various applications, giving you peace of mind in your creative endeavors.
  • Thickness: 50 um
  • Size:  0.3/1/2.5mm mix
  • Material: Eco-Friendly, PET (Translucent), Heat-resistance
  • Grade: Premium
  • Melting point: 200℃ 
  • Heat resistance: 120-160℃
  • Density: 1.6 g/cm³
  • Water-absorbing quality: 0.3%-0.5%
  • Application: Perfect for epoxy resin art, shaker, nail arts, body makeup, hair decoration, glitter slime, tumblers, crafts, and more. The possibilities are endless!