Iridescent Mica Powder Green Pigment Glitter STC8153

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"This color is hand-dyed, only for surfaces. Such like nail art, tumblers"
"""It will fade leave it in epoxy resin."""
"But the interesting thing is, we don't have to put in extra pigment."

Please take personal protection before using this powder, they only need a little wind to ""Fly~"", using makeup remover products can effectively clean them.

Product:  Mica Powder

Size: 20-70um

Net weight: 0.7g / pc

Material: Eco-Friendly, Mica

Color: Iridescent Green

Description: They can vary in color from different visual angles or ambient light levels, Different colors appear under different background colors.

Application: Suitable for nail arts, body makeup, slimes, paint, resin art and craft, etc.