Lrisy Dream Stone Chunky Glitter Set 12 Colors

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Weight: Bag-12*10g / 4.23oz
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Discover the Enchantment of Dream Stone Glitter Collection: A Mesmerizing Holographic and Color Shift Glitter Set
Elevate your arts and crafts with our Dream Stone Glitter Collection, featuring an exclusive blend of holographic and Color Shift glitters. Each set comes with 12 dazzling colors, including Chunky Glitter variants, designed to transform any project with gem-like, multifaceted flash effects. Witness a spectacular three-dimensional visual impact with every shade, offering unique color shifts and stunning chromatic aberration under different lighting conditions—from sunlight to soft light.


  • Versatile Application: Perfect for glitter tumblers, wallpapers, leather crafts, nail art, Christmas decorations, and various epoxy resin projects.
  • Sizes & Shades: Available in 2.5mm (1/10 in) sizes across 12 vibrant shades, from Pale Pink to Neon Blue, catering to every creative need.
  • Quality & Composition: Crafted from premium polyethylene terephthalate (PET), our glitters provide exceptional brightness and durability without solvent resistance. They boast a melting point of 200°C, heat resistance up to 160°C, and a balanced PH value of 5.3-6.5.

Transform your artistic endeavors with the Dream Stone Glitter Collection, where every creation becomes a masterpiece. Shop now and infuse your projects with unparalleled sparkle and color depth!

Enjoy these beautiful glitters! 👇