Lrisy Enchanting Gem Glitter Set

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Weight: Bag-12*10g / 4.23oz
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Discover the Enchantment of Enchanting Gem Glitter Collection: A Mesmerizing Holographic Glitter Set


  • Versatile Application: Perfect for glitter tumblers, glitter wallpapers, leather crafts, nail art, Christmas decorations, and various epoxy resin projects.
  • Sizes & Shades: Available in 2.5mm and 1mm (1/10 in) mixed sizes across 6 vibrant shades, from Pink to Blue, catering to every creative need.
  • Quality & Composition: Crafted from premium polyethylene terephthalate (PET), our glitters provide exceptional brightness and durability without solvent resistance. They boast a melting point of 200°C, heat resistance up to 160°C, and a balanced PH value of 5.3-6.5.

Transform your artistic endeavors with the Enchanting Gem Glitter Collection, where every creation becomes a masterpiece. Shop now and infuse your projects with unparalleled sparkle and color depth!

Enjoy these beautiful glitters! 👇