Lrisy Iridescent Mica Powder Pigment Glitter Set/Kits 10 Colors

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Product: Iridescent Mica Powder Set

Note: Please take personal protection before using this powder, they only need a little wind to ""Fly~"", using makeup remover products can effectively clean them.

0.66g x 10 Jars of Glitter Total 6g / Set
Size: 20-70um

  1. Blue & Purple STC8132
  2. Blue STC8134
  3. Green STC8151
  4. Green STC8153
  5. Green STC8161
  6. Lake Blue STC8143
  7. Lemon Yellow STC8112
  8. Light Blue STC8142
  9. Orange STC8121
  10. Tangerine STC8123

Material: Eco-Friendly, Mica

Description: They can vary in color from different visual angles or ambient light levels,  They are also known as chameleons.

Application: Suitable for nail arts, body makeup, slimes, paint, resin art and craft, etc.