Lrisy Optical Chameleon Powder Color Shift Mica Pigment Glitter Set/Kits 9 Colors

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Product: Optical Chameleon Powder Set

These are optical chameleons, it has a extra fine particle diameter and very good adhesion, and is mainly used in eye shadow, car paint, etc.

Note: Please take personal protection before using this powder, they only need a little wind to ""Fly~"", using makeup remover products can effectively clean them.

0.66g x 9 Jars of Glitter Total 6g / Set
Size: 5-20um

  1. Brown to dark golden HAP-031
  2. Rose red to orange red HAP-032
  3. Purple to yellow HAP-033
  4. Blue to purple HAP-034
  5. Forest green to grass green HAP-035
  6. Lake green to purple HAP-036
  7. Orange red to brown HAP-037
  8. Olive green to gold HAP-038
  9. Red to gold HAP-039

Material: Eco-Friendly, Mica, Cosmetic Grade

Description: They can vary in color from different visual angles or ambient light levels,  They are also known as chameleons.

Application: Suitable for nail arts, eye shadow, body makeup, slimes, paint, resin art and craft, etc.